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Staining your fence or deck is one thing, but then you also want to ensure that the color and the newly added richness last. This is why sealing your exterior wood structure is so incredibly important. You get that added layer of protection and you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your fence, deck, or arbor will stay looking great.
We’ve over twenty years of experience now, which means we know exactly what to look for, what sealing products work best, and how to apply the products so that you get maximum coverage and guaranteed protection.

Deck Sealing Services

It is so critical to use a high quality sealer applied the proper way. The wear and tear of daily use, weather conditions and simply time itself all contribute to the greying of your deck, creating a dingy and lackluster appearance. With our professional wood cleaning and sealing approach, you get a water resistant coating that helps keep your structures looking like new for years.

Fences and the Importance of Sealing

We take our time and make sure that the job is done right. The sealant used will be that last line of defense. The Ultimate Wood Care team is meticulous when it comes to the process at hand. There is no crevice or cranny left undone. The effects of sun, rain, snow, whatever Mother Nature happens to throw at your fence, will be significantly lessened with a highly rated sealer applied to the surface.

We would love to come out and evaluate your wood exterior structures. Utilizing only the best products on the market, we’ll get your fence or deck looking amazing. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate regarding what it will cost to clean and seal your fence or deck!

Our Work Speaks For Itself

We’ve collaborated with wonderful clients on the most rewarding projects.

There’s nothing more important than your satisfaction, so we tackle every project like it was our own. This commitment to excellence has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients and we’d love to add your name to it. Our customers are our best advertising so please spread the word!